Subscription Boxes (also available for one-time purchase)

When was the last time you treated yourself?!

How It Works

Choose Your Style

Each month we carefully chose a fun, quality, stylish graphic tee, and accessorize it.  To get started, choose your favorite outfit option.  Options include: 1) a graphic tee only  subscription for $23.95/month, 2) a graphic tee with one accessory item option (this can vary from month to month.  Some months may be a tee and a cardigan, some may be a tee and jewelry piece, etc.) for $44.95/month , 3) the third option is a three piece set including the tee and then two other varying items  (cardigan, legging, jewelry, hat, etc.) for $89.95/month.   TWO AND THREE ITEM BOX ORDERS ALWAYS INCLUDE A SMALL GIFT featuring some of our favorite things.  It pays to bundle!  :)  

 On the first of each month, we announce new collections. If you do not like the collections, you have until the 15th of each month to skip. Your account will not be charged.  Additionally, your subscription renews on the same date each month, so you always know when and what to expect! 

 No Commitment

You don’t have time for complicated. We get it. You can skip a month, cancel any time, and adjust your sizing preferences each month.  If you do not skip or choose your outfit by the 15th of each month you will automatically be sent the box similar to the style you chose the prior month.  


Mix It Up

Mix and match your new stuff with any of our add-ons, and layer with your own wardrobe to create new looks.